Shutter Scope Weddings: Meet the Wedding Photographers

The Shutter Score Wedding Photography team is based in Sydney and specializes in taking beautiful wedding films and candid photos. Their stunning videos and images tell a romantic story through their unique and authentic photographs. They focus on the in-the-moment shots of weddings that last.

Please tell us about Shutter Scope Weddings’ origins and how it has evolved

Since I was 14, I have taken pictures since I was 14. Shutter Scope Weddings was founded by my partner and me when I had some spare time between my contract jobs. I was shy and thought that no one would enjoy my photos. I didn’t realize it, but the business grew quickly, and I was photographing many more events than I had time to.

It was not something I expected to reach where it is now. But I’m so glad I did. It was a great transition from photographing friends at school to documenting couples during their wedding day. 

How do you describe your style to couples unfamiliar with your work?

Our style is candid, raw, and passionate. We love sharing stories that connect with people. We also love creating raw, in-the-moment shots. We love the natural look and capture real moments as they unfold. We want our couples to look back on their film and images as they were and to bring back the emotions that made them feel.

Who aren’t sure if they should hire a videographer or a photographer for their wedding?

Many couples have told me they don’t want photos but prefer film. This was based on my recommendations. All of these couples have come back to me stating that it was the best decision for their wedding day.

The film captures weddings in a way that photographs cannot. It includes music and words from the day. This is a wonderful way to see the whole day in a few minutes and share it with your family and friends.

How can you make a connection before your wedding with your couple?

Our work is intimate, and we have the privilege of meeting, talking to, and capturing some incredible people. My process begins with getting to know my couple. My couples know that I will only recommend another photographer if they are more compatible than me. We will be the ones you see most on your wedding day. You want to feel like you are a friend and can make you feel at ease throughout the entire process.

To ensure that we are the right match, I always get on the phone or meet with them over coffee before booking. After they have booked, I will check in with them regularly, and if they are up for it, we can meet up for dinner or chat. Engaging with couples is something I enjoy doing. Every one of our packages includes a complimentary engagement shoot at the location of your choice.

An engagement shoot serves two purposes. The first is to capture great images in a casual setting without any time limitations. The second purpose is to spend more time with each other to get to know one another and practice the cues that I will use on the wedding day to get the best shots. This makes it easier and more natural. 

We would love to hear about your favourite weddings that you have photographed

One of my favourite weddings I photographed six months ago was a very intimate and small elopement. Covid’s revolution in the industry brought uncertainty and made elopements the only option for those couples who were able to do so.

It was very special, intimate, and peaceful. The Airbnb was a beautiful rental with the Blue Mountains as the backdrop. Before they went to their respective areas to get dressed, we did a pre-prep session with them. Before their first look, we had plenty of time for prep photos (with their dog). 

Rain brings luck on your wedding day. We certainly did! To make the most of the stunning scenery, we ran in and out of the rain-free areas. The rain finally stopped, and they could have an outdoor ceremony and portrait session. We also had the largest and most brilliant rainbows!

It was amazing how slow the day went and how much time we spent together. While we respected their privacy and let them have moments for themselves while still capturing them from afar, we also had some fun with them and did a lengthy portrait session. 

Our approach to each couple is very similar. We guide them when they need it, but they are usually just with us during the prep, bridal party photographs, and portraits. 

Who aren’t comfortable in front of the camera or don’t feel confident? 

You are not the only one. In all the years I have been photographing couples, there have only been three who have not told me they were shy, awkward or uncomfortable in front of a camera. Most couples have never been professionally photographed before. This is why most people feel uncomfortable. Most couples feel comfortable after ten minutes of a photoshoot.

It is crucial to establish a relationship with your photographer at the beginning of the process. You will feel like you are just having a casual conversation with your photographer, even though he points a large camera at you. This is how you can feel comfortable. Let us know if you have insecurities. And if you and your partner dislike doing certain things, we’d love to hear about them. 

We won’t force you to do awkward or forced poses. We will help you with little prompts to allow natural emotions between you. You will interact with one another more than you will look at the camera. This will allow your attention to be on each other and not on me. You are encouraged to have some control over the shoot. 

Your experience should be enjoyable! Trust your photographer, I’d add. They aren’t new to this; they know what they are doing. They may ask you to do something unusual, but there is probably a reason. Be open-minded, explore new things and have fun.

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