5 Things that you should never Overlook when Planning for Your Big Day

Finding a chauffeur service London for weddings is no big deal, but finding the best and most suitable chauffeur can be one. 

Perfect is the goal of the wedding! So here are a few things that you should decide upon before hiring a chauffeur service:

1. Parking: Parking is one of the most neglected arrangements at a wedding. The extent of negligence can be easily seen during a wedding. The parking zone and the area around is nothing but chaos. Several cars are parked on the road or some in a nearby vacant land. The cars which are properly parked have difficulty during leaving as their path is blocked by the not so properly parked cars.

All this chaos can be put to an end by hiring a car service. The London chauffeur company offer professional chauffeurs to park your guests’ cars. You can also hire them to pick some special guests, in addition to the bride and groom, for the function. The chauffeurs offer valet parking for your guests, so you no longer have to worry about the parking issue. This makes both you and your guests free from the stress of finding a free parking space.

By the end of the function, when your guests are too tired to drive back home, the drivers can also drop the guests to their homes safely. They will also give you quick rides to your home, in case if you forget something. 

2. Alternative transportation: For weddings at a distant location it is best if you hire a common transport for all your guests. This might sound strange but on the contrary, it is fun for the guests and better for your pocket. You can surely book a separate car for the bride and the groom. In this moment of joy, do not forget to keep a backup plan. To avoid getting late due to some unexpected car failures make arrangements of alternative transports. Discuss about it with your wedding car hire London. You should always inquire the wedding car service company about back up plans in case of a car breakdown. Such pre-planned decisions will help you fight any uninvited problems.

3. After reception transport: Do not forget about the car that will take you to your destination after your reception. Don’t leave it for the last minute because all you will get is hassle and stress. Talk to the car company about the car that will pick you up. Tell them if you want any decorations to be done to make it look special. And lastly, if you wish to have a chauffeur to usher you or do you plan to drive the car on your own.

4. Advanced booking: Advance booking is always recommended because leaving the car booking for the last minute will only add up to your worries. So the sooner you hire your wedding transport, the better it is. While booking the car service, discuss about the pick and drop points with the company. Also, inform your driver about whom to pick and from where. Pay special care to avoid double booking. The car services often allot you cars that have to work on more than one shift. Clearly avoid them! 

Decide on the car style, color, and the decorations. Clarify with the chauffeur service that the decoration will be done by them or will you be responsible for it.

5. Comfort: The comfort of you and your guests is foremost. There should be zero compromises with your comfort on your wedding day. To ensure that your journey from your home or hotel to the wedding destination and back is comfortable, perform certain checks. Firstly, check the condition of the car beforehand. This will solve up to 90% of the comfort issues. Make sure that the numbers of cars that you have booked have sufficient space for all the people. No one like it when they have to fit in somewhere forcefully. Make sure the car for the bride and the groom is spacious enough for them along with their heavy dresses.

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