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The talented musicians of Melbourne Entertainment Co bring a modern twist to traditional wedding entertainment. Their captivating performances will keep the dance floor packed until the early hours. Melbourne Entertainment Co is a professional company with over ten years of experience. They can provide live bands, DJs and MCs, and acoustic and string singers for your wedding.

 It’s easy to get married! Please tell us about your business and yourself

I am a DJ-saxophonist and founded Melbourne Entertainment Co in 2011 ‘out of the back of the garage. I am a huge music lover and incorporate music into almost everything I do.

After six years of being a Nova FM national resident, I began building a group of talented and fresh performers to fill the niche in the wedding entertainment industry. After seeing many out-of-date, uncool, and dated acts, it was clear that there was an opportunity to keep weddings fresh and exciting.

My professional goal is to build the most respected and respected event entertainment agency in Australia. If you are good enough at what you’re doing and love it, there will never be a bad gig.

What was Melbourne Entertainment Co’s beginning, and how has it evolved?

We started as a small DJ agency in 2011 with four DJs. Over the years, we have slowly grown our roster to include many types of entertainment, from bands to DJs to acoustic performers, before expanding into roving entertainment.

Today, we can provide entertainment services for all occasions, from your roving magician at the entry to your MC to your photo booth to your DJ and everything in between.

Which are the most popular wedding act combinations?

Our most loved performers are our “all-in-one” DJs: Hybrid DJs (DJs with an additional skill) and Complete Soloists (acoustic artists who can also DJ later in the evening).

Because you get a life and DJ entertainment, these two-bird-one stone performers are our most popular. They can seamlessly switch between DJ and live performance throughout the night, making them one of our most versatile performers.

Who can decide between live and DJ musicians at their wedding?

For couples, event organizers, and function holders, the decision to hire a DJ or a musician has been a topic of debate for a long time. Interactivity is what a band/live musician has over the DJ.

The DJs have to be on the dance floor the entire night. They must change songs, pick songs and move buttons. It’s difficult for DJs to interact more because everything must be done behind the decks. Although they can move around behind the decks and point out people, it won’t be as interactive as a live band.

Bands will be more engaging for guests. After a while, however, you will notice a common tone and feel to the music. Bands can’t be as varied in their styles as DJs with original recordings of songs.

A DJ cannot have the same level of interaction as a band booking. This is due to a large number of people on stage at any given time and the presence of the singer. But guests like to hear the song as it was recorded originally and not as a cover.

Live bands can include a front singer, female, male, and sax players. They can either jump in the crowd or interact with it. A band has a real, live presence that DJs can’t match. In this regard, a band has more interactivity than a DJ.

We think we have an innovative solution: The DJ Band. A DJ set without live entertainment can be transformed into a memorable, unique experience that will leave your guests talking for years. The most requested DJ set additions are singers, percussionists and guitarists; strings and pianists. We recommend booking at least two to three live elements for your event.

What type of input can couples provide when it comes to song selection?

After you have booked with us, you will receive our wedding request form. This asks for more information about the couple and any music requests. You will also receive a “do-not play” list so that you do not hear terrible music throughout the night.

This is your wedding so you can list as many or few songs as possible. We ask that you remember that we usually play 10-15 songs an hour. The ideal song list for your wedding is 10-20 songs, plus your formalities.

What makes you believe it is important to have great music at weddings?

Entertainment costs less than 10% of your wedding budget. It can cost you between 50-60% of your wedding budget if it’s not done well. After they have had four cocktails, people won’t be able to recall the cocktail they ordered on their arrival. People will remember the best moments on the dance floor when they are with their friends. The dance floor portion will dominate your memories of the night.

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