How to craft the perfect speech for your wedding?

Let us help you if you have been slaving away at your notepad for over two hours, drank three cups of coffee, and are still not able to write a great wedding speech.

We’ve compiled 10 tips from the team that will help you get rid of the butterflies and be able to knuckle down to write a memorable speech for your wedding.

Ten tips for writing the perfect speech for your wedding

Engage your audience

Pay attention to one of these tips if you only pay attention to it! A wedding speech is like telling a story. They will lose interest if you don’t make eye contact and speak with tone. A speech should reflect your personality.

When reading to children or chatting with friends, this is a natural way to communicate. Relax, take a deep breath and talk conversationally, not formally, as if your year 11 science presentation is about to be given.

Bonus tip Avoid reading from a book or cue card if at all possible. If you have to use them, keep your notes brief and use dot points. This will allow you to tell your story much more naturally.


It’s important to consider the structure of your speech. A great story has a beginning, middle, and end. Your speech will be easier to follow if it is structured similarly.

Balance humour with emotion

It’s a great way to get your audience engaged with your speech. But remember, nobody is expecting you to be Jerry Seinfeld.

Humour should be used in moderation. Your best friend’s wedding is not an opportunity to show off your best friend your best stand-up comedy routine.

It might be a good idea, to begin with, a joke to break the ice. However, remember that grandparents are likely to attend, so don’t do anything too risky.

Bonus tip Balancing humour with emotional anecdotes can help you nail your speech.

Don’t get wasted

Is it really necessary to say this? It doesn’t make sense to drink eight cocktails before you start speaking. A drunken wedding toast is a recipe for disaster and embarrassment for your friend.

You can limit how many drinks you have before you give your speech. This will help calm your nerves and prevent you from slurring your words.

Timing is everything

We can assure you that things will get awkward if you continue too long. You will see guests settling in their chairs and smiling politely from the happy couple. It’s crucial to keep your wedding speech short and sweet. You will be on the right path if you aim for around five minutes.

Bonus tip Practice your speech. Ask someone to give you a speech and see if they feel it is becoming a bit monologue-y.

It is important to take it seriously

Remember that delivering a speech at a wedding is * Anchorman voice* big deal. It’s fine to have some fun and even encouraged to take this responsibility seriously. The happy couple has given you the honour of telling their story, so it is important to treat it respectfully.

Practice makes perfect

Your speech will sound more natural if you don’t rely too much on your notes. You can get to the point where your speech is not dependent on your notes by practising, practising, and repeating! You can practice your speech every chance you get, with everyone and everyone as your test audience.

Bonus tip It is hard to start practising because you need to be thinking about giving the speech. You will be a better person for it if you can push through the nerves.

Choose a quote

It can help to include a quote or a song lyrics if you have trouble finding a place to start. Be sure to choose an appropriate quote.

Avoid tired, clichéd quotes and choose something that means something to you.

Find your style

We’ve already mentioned that you want to make your wedding speech memorable. This can be tricky if you try to be someone you are not.

Don’t be afraid to laugh, even if you aren’t known for your ability to have a good time. If you are a comedian, formal speeches that sound sentimental or sentimental might not be authentic. Instead, use your strengths.

Bonus tip Decide your style and stick to it.


Above all else, relax! Everyone wants you to be successful in your speech. Keep in mind why you are doing this: You love your friend and want to congratulate and wish them a happy married life. Instead of focusing on what they mean to me, try focusing on them.

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