Beach wedding destinations

There are hundreds of beautiful and popular destination wedding locations within the United States for an engaged couple to choose from. For example, if you are looking for a tropical location in particular, then the Florida Keys are the perfect setting for your wedding. The islands of Sanibel and Captiva are excellent choices. But for the best destination wedding location in the US, Hawaii reigns supreme. Another great option is Malibu, California since it boasts some of the most stunning coastlines in the Western United States.

Fun in the Sun

Disney theme parks might seem like an odd choice as a destination wedding location, but in actuality, the Magic Kingdom is quite popular amongst adults. With locations in California, Florida, and the Bahamas, you are guaranteed to enjoy beautiful weather on your big day. There are also Disney themed and sponsored cruise lines that a couple can choose to be married on. Additionally, one can find numerous wedding dresses designs that are based upon the gowns worn by Disney Princesses. Disney theme parks assign a personal wedding coordinator to each of its brides.

Take a Slice of New York!

Couples who yearn for fine dining restaurants, grand ballrooms, towering skylines, and a vibrant culture and atmosphere should definitely look at the destination wedding locations in the  Big Apple. Central Park is arguably the most popular destination wedding location in the city, because it offers the perfect blend of the country and the city. However, couples who wish to do so can rent private rooms at some of the most critically acclaimed eating establishments in the city, including the Russian Tea Room or Per Se. For a grand ballroom, check out the Four Seasons of New York.

Historical Locations

Historical wedding sights are becoming increasingly popular destination wedding locations and these spots can be found all across the country. In Massachusetts and Washington D.C., the Federalist Decatur House, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and the Glen Foerd Mansion are all popular options.

In the Outer Banks, North Carolina, the historic lighthouses are popular historical sites to be married near. In Nashville, Tennessee, the Hermitage, the site of Andrew Jackson’s home, is a popular location. Regardless of what state a couple lives in, it is possible to find inspiring historical and antique sites that are considered best destination wedding locations.

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