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Easy Weddings: Hi ! Please tell us how and when Suitably began and what has it done since then.

In 2015, I founded Suitably in Ancestor . Suitably was born out of the difficulties I faced in finding appropriate formal wear locally. Since childhood, I have loved dressing up and taking pride in my appearance. Some would even say I have my style.

Ancestor is small, and there are only so many options. I was then able to dive into the “art form” and began my journey down the rabbit hole. I began to read books in my thirties about the history of the modern suit. I also started to appreciate the work of living legends such as Andrew and Alan Flusser and their subtle but significant differences in styles and interpretations of the modern suite.

My obsession eventually led me to realize a few things. The first is that I wanted the same options, service, and attention to detail as a Saville Row experience. However, this was without waiting for three months and spending five thousand pounds on the final product. I wanted the convenience technology offers us, which is not something you often see in the formal wear industry.

This was the moment that Suitably’s ethos was born. We have always been focused on accessibility, quality, and service. We believe that we have found a good balance in 2022. We are excited to expand our focus on bringing the old world experience and thought into the modern world.

What makes Suitably different from other formalwear companies?

We don’t like the crowds or the rows of suits next to you. We will sit down with you and learn more about you if you visit us in person. We want to know what brought you here and what your goals are. Then, we work together to create something unique for you. Once we understand your needs, we can show you the vast array of products we offer. This is how we do things, and I believe it’s what our customers enjoy.

Everything is also made from scratch. We don’t use conveyor belts or laser cutting. We make every pattern from scratch. Every customer gets a pattern from a master pattern. We’re able to accommodate all kinds of requests because of this. One example is a customer that I have had for a long time which always has an iPad with him to work. We were able to take his measurements and create a pocket in the jacket that was designed specifically for it. The screen was then protected and cleaned by microfibre.

Technology-wise, our web presence is very robust. You can customize your suite with the most popular adjustments. Also, check out some of our most popular styles. AfterPay and Humm are also options for checkout. Our app, which utilizes advanced AI technology, allows you to measure yourself at home using only your height, weight, age, and two photos. We are constantly improving our products and developing new innovative ways for customers to explore our world.

We would appreciate your assistance in guiding us through purchasing a Suitably-tailored wedding dress

Great question! This is a difficult question to answer. Our process changes according to our customers’ circumstances. We have a network of 120 partners in measuring and altering throughout Australia. Our app makes measuring simple and accurate for those customers who can’t make it to our office. We can also send you fabric samples and provide phone or video consultations.

We offer in-person consultations for those who live near us. Here, we will break down everything and show you the full range of products. It’s a great experience to meet our customers face-to-face.

No matter how our customers interact, we work closely with them all. I believe people appreciate this difference. It doesn’t matter if you see us in person or not. We will do our best to ensure that your experience is perfect.

No matter the process, once we have figured out the fabrics and finer details, we make your suit and invite you to come in for a trial fitting or send it out. For groomsmen from Australia and around the globe, we ship free of charge internationally.

After you have been presented with your new garments, we want to see how they fit on you. We also take your feedback and make suggestions for fitting. If we have to make adjustments, we will do it in our office or at one of our partners for no additional cost. You should be able to find the right outfit for your big day. However, if you have any questions, we will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied.

What advice would you offer to people who aren’t sure if they want a suit or not for their wedding?

My customers and partners often ask me how formal they rate their events. I use a scale from 1-to 10. It’s important to gauge this before you do anything. The formality of your event directly correlates with your attire. There are many interpretations of the perfect wedding day in today’s society. It’s important to understand this before you start. We go over all the factors that could impact this, making sure you understand them.

Inherently, tuxedos can be very formal. Often, they’re a garment that won’t get much use. It’s also a dress that is not often worn. Consider the bride’s dress, the venue, the groomsmen, flowers, and the reception. But the most important question of all is a formality.

The question of re usability is another great one to ask. I value it very highly, and the concept of thoughtful fashion is something I believe in. 

What other elements of the outfit should the groom wear besides the suit?

Sorting out your accessories is one of the best things you can do when dressed up. Like the question about the tuxedos, I believe the additional items depend on the formality and event. The most important factor is the neck wear or lack thereof. Many parties don’t wear ties, but it works better in the context of casual weddings. Cuff links are a great addition to any event.

There are many other options. Belts, cummerbunds, suspenders, tie pins, boutonnieres, pocket squares…. Do I need to go on?

Accessories are the devil. They can elevate your style and show off a little bit of your personality, which I believe is very important.

How can Suitably help coordinate the groomsmen’s attire?

Every Suitably groom is matched with a coordinator who looks after his groomsmen. It doesn’t matter where your groomsmen are located. We currently work with three parties with groomsmen from the UK and one with the entire party from the Americas.

What are the most coveted trends in formal wear for men in 2022?

These last few years have been very interesting. We’re seeing some really interesting colors, like burgundies and bottle greens. I see many more adventurous grooms who want to experiment with their style, and I’m all for this.

Aside from this, I am noticing a few people asking for thicker pants than the slimmer look that was the norm for quite some time. 

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